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Sunday, April 23, 2006

something old, something new

so i just got this idea about the diningroom and entryway.
both of these rooms have coved plaster ceilings and they
had wainscoting up to your shoulders (well, my shoulders anyway).
that was what they had originally... then they did this.

drop ceiling with sheetrock and popcorn insulation, finished with wood paneling, floor to (fake)ceiling

so i removed the sheetrock ceiling

and when i took off the woodpanels the remaining original wainscoting back boards looked like this:

the painted areas saw the light of day, the dark wood is what was behind the original wainscoting multi-piece structure

so we were planning on just repairing the plaster and restoring the original wainscoting... but when we were on looking at kitchen countertops... we saw their woodpanels. and i got an idea.
what if we fixed the plaster, then put formica woodpanels over the shoulder high area where the original wainscoting was.

shoulder high woodpanel, plaster wall above to coved ceiling

and then... we use complimentary wood to make it, fake it, to in-a-way restore it to the wainscoting look?

can you see it?


  • At 12:36 PM, Anonymous tumble said…

    I think wood would be better, cheaper and easier.

  • At 6:30 PM, Blogger blue][erring said…

    yeah, what you said in the other thread about having to glue onto it rather than treating it like real wood pretty much ended my speculation on the subject.

    this post was composed before that conversation, but it errored and i thought it was gone forever. now we're back from going out and here it is...

    i just got back from loews and it looks like a pretty good deal all around. i think we're doing maple frameless cabinets but we have to go to the
    "new" lowes down the freeway because they don't have any frameless cabinets at the closer lowes (loews?)
    (whaz tha diff?)



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