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Thursday, April 13, 2006

popcorn ceiling takedown

right, so here's the deal. at some point in the early 70s the people that own the house had a brick contractor redo the front steps and then also encase the fireplace in tons of new brick.
then, several years later (the last time silver was climbing into the double digits) they hired whoever one hires to add wood paneling to a room and then build a lowered ceiling and finish it off with (asbestos?) popcorn ceiling 'insulation'.

encased fireplace in dining room with lowered popcorn ceiling and fake wood paneling

so i took off the wood paneling 'finishing' touches, i.e. the trim and boarders. then i pulled all the panels off with my nifty claw tool... but i was left with the popcorn ceilings. how to get them down? in the entry room there was a lamp installed in the middle of the ceiling, so i unscrewed it and pulled it away from the popcorniness and lo and behold what did i see?

unscrewed lamp in the entry room reveals ceiling material

the popcorn is sprayed (or whatever) onto SheetRock. i put on a face mask and goggles and broke a hole in the ceiling with the trusty claw and happily ripped the whole thing down, in both the dining room and the entryroom in an hour.

bye bye popcorn ceiling

they built framing with which to attach the sheetrock, super nice redwood 2by4s which i will reuse elsewhere. now we have nice high coved plaster ceilings in the diningroom!

entryway popcorn ceiling framing

dining room popcorn ceiling framing

next... take down that brick chimney remodel.



  • At 10:38 AM, Blogger BoopBoopaDo said…

    Wow, coved ceilings are a real treasure! What was up with that popcorn crap anyway? Exactly who thought that was a boon to aesthetics?

    Nice work, Blue!


  • At 11:23 AM, Blogger blue][erring said…

    thanks jules, i think the key lies in the tremendous advances in the amateur drug market in the late 60s... hence, the 70s.


  • At 9:38 AM, Anonymous tumble said…

    There's no accounting for taste. I never thought we'd be seeing the seventies clothes back either but here we are. Hard to believe people went to all that trouble to drop ceilings like that isn't it?


  • At 10:45 AM, Blogger blue][erring said…

    well, i thought the mohawk was safely in the history bin, but then that guy from SNL started doing that 'safe-hawk', which is just moussing your hair into a ridge... sure enough, i have seen half a dozen mohawks in the last several months.

    right now the big sunglasses with super low bangs are totally in (and quite nicely). but the low-waist jeans are losing out to double reinforced yoga pants. mix and match your cultural trends...

    i think our 'drop ceilings' will turn out to be charcoal colored granite countertops and steel appliances. Granite, not just for mountains anymore!



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