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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

overview of the house to-do-list

Whole house:
most rooms have cottage cheese ceilings (cheese on plaster).
my concern is that i will be spraying water and scraping cheese
will this mar or weaken the plaster? in general i plan on keeping
all plaster and expect to 'patch' plaster, is it as obvious as it seems?
i.e. buy dry plaster powder, mix plaster spread plaster sand and paint
there are cracks throughout the house, i've read that i sort of spread
the cracks a bit, squish in the new plaster and 'finish' it to deal with cracks
(nothing spectacular crackwise)

fireplace in living room:
the extra bricks they added need to be taken out. i don't want to be on a ladder
with a chisel gently tap tap taping only to see a fat long crack tear down
the brick face and the whole thing comes tumbling down crashing through
the floor. that would not be an ideal situation. i plan on being slow and steady
will that be enough? also, i don't know what to expect about how they built the
fireplace around the fireplace in the first place. is it mortared to the much smaller
chest high fireplace? for what it's worth, the remodel was done well and
all the bricks and mortar are in excellent shape. also, the floor bends down
due to the added weight of the soon-to-be-gone fireplace. when that weight
is gone, will it be nice and simple to raise the floor back up? i assume something
like a lever-type device and then some sort of basement beam thing.

since i don't think we're going to use the cabinets i suppose i should just
strip the room. screws and nails. but the counter with the sink is in front of
a window. the window is placed too low in the wall, so our expectation is that
we get the counter out, pull the window out then change (shrink) the size of
the window hole to be above the backsplash (uhh, instead of below) taking
the aspect ratio from 4:3 to 16:9... first step is turning off the kitchen sink water?
going under the sink and undoing the clips that hold the sink basin to the counter?
am i going to need more than my japanese saw and claw? so far that's all i have...
i like it like that, it's very macguyver.

ok, in an ideal world we would move the sink to a different wall and maybe move
the toilet about a foot to the left. is that just asking for pain, cuz we could make
do with the toilet right where it is and the sink moving. or is that asking for
too much? i think we could make do with things as they is... as far as plumbing placement
goes. or deal with ideal placement much later. it will be enough to do what we want
which is to take out all the remodel wall coverings, get to plaster... patch where needed
and tile. ahh tile... i want to get my hands chalky on tile. is it really a big deal to
move the toilet and sink? and then tile myself? need tile saw... some tile. sticky stuff?
graph paper?

that's about it, except for the other things... but the rest is just whatever, that's
the big stuff. home depot is about a mile and a half thata way...



  • At 2:10 PM, Anonymous tumble said…

    Assuming you are redoing the bathroom pretty much completely and there will be plumbing being done anyway, it's unlikely there is any problem moving the sink and toilet where you want them. This is subject to caveats. It depends on the ability of the plumber to get the fall in the sewer line.

  • At 3:29 PM, Blogger blue][erring said…

    we may not be necessarily redoing the whole bathroom completely... i am open to removing the remodel yucks and simply re-remodeling. leaving the sink where it is and getting a different stand alone sink, same with the toilet... and the tub might just stay the way it is until later... the toilet though is located directly above the sewer line. toilet on the second floor, sewer vertical with a little "y" offshoot to get to the toilet. this as opposed to leaving the toilet where it is. i don't want to make the bathroom be any more than GAAP standards...

  • At 10:58 AM, Anonymous tumble said…

    You can get a new toilet for around a hundred bucks. The thing is you say you're "just" getting rid of the "remodel yucks". That might be 80% of exactly what you want in terms of cost and work so be sure to look carefully at the entire thing. You don't want to go part way and then have to do it again later. Of course the length of time you will ive in the house should matter too. If you sell then the new owners will undo everything you do.

    When something is done you want it done.

    Let's say there are ten rooms in the house and the average work needing to be done is about $10 K/ room,... That's about $30 K for the kitchen and $20 K for each bathroom and the rest divided up amongst the other rooms and with that might be a furnace at some point ($5K) Painting the outside $10 K. Roof $10 K,... it's all to be amortized over a period of decades so it's important to realize that it's never really done it's a continuum. A total kitchen remodel will likely need to be redone in twenty years so call it $1500/year, the bathroom $1000 and so on. Okay that's not Bay area pricing so maybe add another 50% to 100%. And that's with nothing going wrong, just wear and tear. So if you put the full amount in up front then you should have quite a few years without a major remodel. It is a lot of work and decision making. You can hire it out and leave all the decisions to a contractor but then you won't get what you want. Better contractors will tend to give you more choices rather than fewer.

    GAAP standards are fine you just need to know the price differential between in the money and out of the money options. If you're buying out of the money QAALivableNotLovable is $15 K how much is QAADream and QAAAlmostDream? When is expiry?

    The extra premium might be worth it or it might not.

  • At 11:53 AM, Blogger blue][erring said…

    ahh, finally easy (familiar) concepts to understand... premium prices on securities derivatives. we're going to the house and i'm setting up a blogging station there. i'm going to do video details of each room, easier than texting all the bits. i'm thinking i'll just put at cuz there's like 400mb of unused space.


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