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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

i had a dream

i haven't been getting as much sleep as i am used to. last night i did.
i had a dream and i was talking to a younger steve jobs at the current apple
and he was laughing about the fact that he was going on craigslist to
find someone to compose the opening musical theme of the new operating system.

and by new os i don't mean tenpointsomethingsomething or even eleven
i mean an evolution. a revolution in interface design and command input
first was the finger on the alphanumeric line; abcbefg1234567
then came the coordinate on the x:y axis; the mouse floating on descartes+keyboard
the NeXT obvious evolution of input is adding the 'z' axis.

steve jobs said a long time ago, the os wars are over
microsoft won. if he ever came back to apple, he would milk
the mac for all it was worth and move on to the NeXT thing.
consider it milked.

but in my dream, steve the younger was at apple the current (located in alameda...)
and they were preparing for the release of a totally new operating system.

it was called 'e' for evolution. it's also the natural log, whereas os X is the ultimate
variable and in many cases of disruption, the unknown but deciding "x" factor.
wiki on natural log

the interface for this new 64 bit operating system is 3 dimensional as is the
desktop environment. the gestures that we use to work in the third dimension
are not pressed up against the screen leaving an unsightly mess of oils and dirt
but rather, performed in front of the display. this is possible because the display
has "eyes" in it and is able to interpret by sight and not just feeling.

here is the patent for the gestures:

here is the patent for the eyes:
[macsimum news]

the os will be called 'e' for evolution
and it will use the power of mac os x in its evolutionary process
and it will be described as 'e to the power of x', which
those of you in know now know:
Relevant Math Tutorial Page

and now that michael jackson has loosed the publication rights to the beatles
the ads will use the song "revolution"

then i woke up.


  • At 8:35 PM, Blogger blue][erring said…

    ohh whoops, that's not the patent for the eyes... that's some patent for an isight built into the closing latch on a laptop.... the 'eyes' are tiny pixel-cameras built INTO the LCD.

    there we go:


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