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Friday, April 07, 2006

Friday mid day

It's friday morning and i am dusting off this blog cuz it's time to. i am doing some stuff that i would like to blog about and i bet you'll want to read about this very stuff. thus, this.
so what am i doing?
one thing is i am going back to school for a couple months to finish my econ degree.
hmm, that's actually not the most interesting thing in the world...
ahh but the human story behind it is adequate as foreshadowing.

the other thing is i am fixing up a fixer upper house from scratch with zero tools, zero experience.
i am taking pictures of the process and may do a video-podcast periodically?
this is a victorian house with lathe and plaster walls, a total kitchen re-do, popcorn ceilings
and a leaky basement. ohh and a total bathroom re-do.

the other thing i'm doing is trading apple options, that's fun and interesting in that i sort of
have to see the future stock price and direction of AAPL before the market does.

i'm learning spanish "hola donde esta"

i play bass.



  • At 5:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    My eyes are tired from reading all your blogs. Most of the info was new to me so I kept on reading and viewing the drawings. The trumpet? Good luck


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